For the first time in history, two countries, the United States and Mexico have agreed to allocate  critical water resources to the environment… and only the environment.

This is where the Colorado River Ends

Stuff you should know!

  • First time that two nations have agreed to allocate part of a shared water resource to the environment
  • The new agreement will help stabilize the declining level of the Lake Meade which is almost at the “dead storage” level – water that is essentially inaccessible.
  • Over 68 billion gallons of water per year (aka – 210,000 acre-feet of water) will be allowed to flow into the Colorado Delta Region
  • Mexico, which has no significant reservoirs in the Colorado basin, can now store some of its water north of the border.
  • The U.S. will receive an additional portion of the Colorado River water to which Mexico has historically been entitled
  • The United States will invest more than ever before in water conservation projects in both Mexico and the US
This is what happens when you add water – La Cienega de Santa Clara, Mexico

Called Minute 323. Both countries will reap benefits from this agreement. Want to know more? Click here for the story about how these two countries are working to sustainably manage the water of the overburdened Colorado River basin.

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