Edge of Survival – Mono Lake

Adventure at Mono Lake and you will experience a landscape of boiling springs, dramatic mountains, and bizarre looking towers.   It is also one of the oldest lakes in North America and yours to explore!

Want to visit Mono Lake?  Here are some quick facts to know before your adventure begins.

1 – Mono Lake is a majestic body of water covering about 70 square miles, almost twice as big as San Fransisco

2 – In the middle of Mono lake you will find 2 volcanoes and Negit Islands volcanic complex (as they are called) is less than 2000 years old.  That’s a split second in geologic time!

3 – Towers of limestone called Tufa Towers (too-fa) are found all along Mono Lakes shoreline but they can only grow under water.

4 – In 1941, LA began diverting Mono Lake’s tributary streams 350 miles south for drinking water.  In less than 60 years, the lakes water level dropped more than 45 feet…. that’s a 4 story building.

5 – Kutzadika’a people lived part of the year in the Mono Basin and during the summer.  Their major food source… Mono Lake’s trillions of alkali flies #goodinsoup

6 – Mono Lake is home to the second largest California Gull rookery in North America.  Want to know the largest Gull rookery?

Mono Lake hot springs - Edge of Survival - Mono Lake
Edge of Survival – Mono Lake



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