Trail Running Alabama Hills

Trail Running Alabama Hills – In the foothills of Mt.Whitney, you will find totally diffferent world from the alpine peaks to your west. Here at the Alabama Hills, there is a landscape full of pristine camping corners, epic views, natural arches and rounded boulders stacked taller than most buildings.

If you were wondeirng why “Alabama”, the area was named after a confederate battle ship (think American Civil War) back in the 1800’s.

The stunning backdrop of “The Hills” continue to provide a landscape for some of Hollywoods most block buster movies. But there is a bigger story here.  It’s an area of dynamic change, amazing flucuations and a history beyond belief.

How did this landscape become such a beautiful yet strange area?  Come join me for a trail run just after sunrise to find out what makes the Alabama Hills so spectacular!  Trail Running Alabama Hills – Dont’ miss it!

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